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Education .. Back at the bar, Sean and his friends of my wife's hand and led her to the magicmovies bathroom in the back of the bar. I waited a few moments before, I looked outside through the fire escape in the first place, but no trace of them is how I made my way back I could hear the sound of wailing from inside the bathroom of the men open the door and entered and found the website of my wife dirty, bent, leaning against the sink and tits top, free-swinging like Sean magicmovies sinks his tool latex coated inside and outside dripping from her pussy, her two friends were by and watching and waiting their turn, slowly stroking as large tails to keep them ready to fuck my wife sexy. Sue urged Sean, he should get hard and she was magicmovies with her dirty little bitch as they come to fill. Describes vividly the feeling of his cock stretches, as she always felt, always ready for loading, shouting fireg to reach it. With a few last hard, knocks, Sean began his balls inside the rubber wore empty, prompting a new high in Sweden. As soon as he took out his penis softening my wife and stepped hole for one of magicmovies his friends to him, covered, tail slide directly into the hole. This made her magicmovies gasp, as her new lover started fucking now on, as much and as hard as he could, which includes a series of insults at the mouth Sue says she has a dirty little whore, and how much he liked to tell you how different it felt his cock into her pussy. All the time this went before him, the guys started walking and made use of the baths, smiles and says : Sean and his friends how happy they were and what a hot bitch Sue said: Fuck them until cried Sue, meanwhile, complained and said that good with another cock stretched her pussy dirty feel. It was not longat the beginning of the second man to his empty balls while his penis was still in my wife. He moved from the hole pouting Sue, only to be replaced by the third man. Its tail, magicmovies if there ever was magicmovies just a little bigger than Sean, but is due to the amount of starting Sue cunt, I could pull almost to the handle, before Sue cried : ' Oh, my God, is so damn how big can feel my pussy stretch wide! 'pushed the kind of crap she is now so slow, powerful blows with the length of your penis and enjoy the sensation of her tight pussy of his engorged tool. Sue has caught a total of 15 minutes before emptying his balls and have bent over sexy, but my wife, magicmovies pulling out and left her there still, with legs apart and shaking after the pleasure she took it as difficult of these three men magicmovies have fucked. continued back to the bar, where the organizer of the stag party on hold, thanked them and said he was aware magicmovies of a largeShow had hoped for and more than any of them. Went on to say that everyone had a whip around and collected just over 50 pounds to my wife fucking by his act of giving. Sean thanked him and turned and Sue and said, 'Look bitch, now that they are paying a whore as well,' according to Sue red face. Sean told the man to wait for the prostitute gave him some of the 50 kilos. Sue was told to kneel, while Sean and his friends formed a semicircle around him and the man, then he told me to suck his man, woman, sexy and worth the money, like the whore she was. Sue opened the man and took his cock hardening out, stroking gently pulled back the foreskin before licking around the glans and then between his lips painted bright red and started sucking aliens. When his lips slid the entire length of the man's penis, the tip, which could into his throat, the man began to groan under the head, began pumping his hips quickly, with my wife in the mouthas a shell, until, as it happens, he took, syringes, as it seemed liters thick, white, and her breasts all over Susan 's face, some of them had even come to blows. When Sue finished cleaned it with her mouth before getting up. , meanwhile, has been in the bar, it was thought that happened, either actually see Sue was caught sucking cock is, or said by people who had seen my wife horny antics. Seeing her standing at the bar, come in strands of her hair and her breasts, I was about to enter his pants, he looked like a bitch, and smeared her lipstick stains on clothes to come. I could not wait to get home and my cock in her gaping pussy. ends before the evening was Sue still had a couple of slow dances with some of the usual, so that they cherish, some of them even fingers her pussy soaking wet before she was allowed to take magicmovies home. from that night, Sue never met Sean or Dave alone and in the coming weeks to get all nine of the men friends usually in two or three, finally, be fucked by every one of them has to be. He seemed totally agree with what Dave and Sean suggested and began to find out more and more outrageously dressed. The biggest cock that had been taken almost 9 inches long and very thick, visible to his hole stretched almost every night. Thanks for all the support and I feel this part took magicmovies a while to add !
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